Monday, July 07, 2008

English Resource Center in Hincesti, Moldova

Here's to all of you who have made the vision come true. While we are still ordering and recieving books, sorting and marking them, making our lists and checking them twice... WE NOW HAVE AN ENGLISH RESOURCE CENTER IN HINCESTI!!! Wahoo! And thank you, thank you, thank you to all who helped make it possible!

Below are some pics of the room that was donated by the high school where I've been working, Lyceum "Mihail Sadoveanu".

Before we renovated it, it was in pretty bad shape... even though it DID used to be an English classroom.

Imagine, they used to have five multimedia desks in the room. When for some reason they no longer functioned, they clipped all the wires flush with the floor... sort of.

When someone reroofed the building, perhaps it was too much trouble to create a hole for a vent... or to cover the vent that already existed. So the then-fresh tar roof leaked in... just a little bit.

There was often no money to replace worn out flooring. So when it rips, you just nail it back in place, or another piece over the top of it.

The sink that exists in every classroom LOOKS nice. But those pipes don't even connect to the real water pipes anymore. Besides water only runs at the school between 7-8am each day.

But NOW... after our brave cleaning and repair ladies put life and limb on the line...

We have (drum roll please!) several fresh coats of whitewash on the ceiling; new flooring; a single design of wallpaper on all FOUR walls; bookcases for the books, videos, and multimedia equipment; tables and chairs for the students and teachers to sit and use the books...

We have teaching manuals, dictionaries, magazines, films, art and history books, literature for children and adults, as well as games and activities that will help both students and teachers. The books, etc pictured here are not nearly all the resources we have gathered. Wait til we have everything up on the shelves. We will probably need another bookcase!

AND we even have a real live card catalogue... ALMOST like the one in the beloved county library of my childhood.

I can only do as much as my team lets me... You are my team, and you've taken me to the moon and back! You are FANTASTIC!!!

More pics will follow as I get everything organized...


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